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Results of first 6 hours from canvas panel release

After a lot of interest in the 24 hours tshirt release results, I will go one step further: What do the results of the first hours of an original release look like?

The only reason I'm doing this is because I like stats and you never get to see results from other artists. Sales figures are a gallery's biggest and most closely guarded secret, but lets ignore that for a moment and open the books.

For many of you who have participated in a TABBY release, you will have noticed that they are generally open for a short period of time (ca 36 hours) and there will often be a reduced bonus price for the first 24 hours. Because of this, the vast majority of orders are placed in the first 24 hours, most in the first 12.

That being said, lets look at the first 6 hours of the recent release, which featured 2 different pieces, both in a selection of 2 colors:

Within 6 hours, 22 orders had been placed for a total of 7,222€, with the average order being 327€. The first order came in 4 minutes after the newsletter had been sent out and was for a Classic Grey variant of the Sound of Uzis.

The shop had an option for single pieces, or a bundle (2 pieces). There was an equal demand for the Sound of Uzis and the Working Chimp, both receiving 7 single orders each. There were also 7 total bundle orders.

Above is an incomplete map showing where the pieces were sent to. Some countries, like Austria and Spain, seem to be missing on this map.

This release was a lot of fun and Im always thrilled about every order coming in. Im happy to see a name come up that I recognize from a past order and its also equally great to see new names added every release.

This collection was prepared with the added obstacle of being in the middle of a lockdown and no stores were open for materials. That being said, this release has been the biggest yet, just like the previous one was the biggest and the one before that was the biggest. For a while now, every release has been a new record and its all thanks to you. Its been great and everybody knows that every TABBY original is made with attention to detail and, of course, love. The aim is not only to offer something beautiful, but also highly collectible, and bring joy for years to come.

So thats what a release looks like on my end, at least the first couple hours. Theres a lot that goes into it before and after sales open, but that would be a whole other story for another time. I hope this rare glimpse had something interesting for you, let me know if youd like more in the future. Much love,


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