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T-shirt release and results after 24 hours

Im going to show you what others usually tend to keep secret: What do the numbers look like a day after release?

T-shirts have often been requested in the past years and I always wanted to give everybody a chance of wearing a TABBY piece. Luckily the technology to have them produced and shipped by an outside source, in quantities that dont require pre producing a stock of several thousand each, had now reached a point that it can be done.

The plan was to release these earlier this year, but with current global events it ended up taking up to a month for test shipments to arrive. Now things had cooled down (at least for sending packages) and it was a good time to do a test release. The main reason for a 48 hour trial release is to make sure orders going around the world get shipped and arrive in a decent time and also to see if everybody is happy with the shirts they are getting. Also, on a less sexy note, there is a bit of paper work that has to be done with every order, and I want to make sure more time is spent on new pieces than with accounting.

So now theyre out there, 7 different images, each remastered in detail like you would do for a print release, are now finally available for 48 hours. But what about the results? This is the side youd usually never see but might be interesting to see. I have never released any merch, so this is all a new area for me. That being said, lets take a look at some of the results after less than 24 hours:

Within the first hours there have been 38 orders for a total of 1,719€ and the vast majority did use the available coupon code IAMTABBY to save 5€ per shirt.

In total 74 shirts have been requested, most of all the How To Be Loved X (which does look great in person)

This map should show all orders, but some countries seem to be missing. For example, I know several orders came from Japan, but it should give some insight into where they are going.

Just to show how things are moving along, above you can see when some of the orders were placed, and on the right you can see if they have already been shipped 24 hours later. This seems to be going pretty well, since they have to be manufactured and shipped to count as fulfilled.

So thats some insight into what goes on behind the scenes. Why show it? Well because I find these kinds of stats interesting and some of you might too. The main point of this release is to offer everybody something new and fun. Also not everyone can afford an original, so this is the chance for everyone to get their hands on a piece of TABBY.

If these kinds of stats interest you and you want to see more in the future, then be sure to let me know. If this glimpse at some of the stats doesnt interest you, then no worries, new art will be coming for you soon. Stay cool and have fun,



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