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The Great Shipping Experiment - Final Results

Its time for the final results! We've sent our unprotected art to Tokyo and then further on to an art show in Osaka, as well as a 2nd package to Hamburg and then back to Vienna. Both have now completed their travels, so lets give them a look!

(Dont forget to stick around to see the giveaway winner revealed)

1st Package:

Vienna -> Hamburg -> Vienna = min 2000km travel

I was very happy to be reacquainted with our XL box, especially after all its been through. It was cut apart, re-taped and returned by Austrian customs on the first attempt, then shipped to the Urbanshit Gallery in Hamburg and finally sent back to Vienna. So lets give it a look:

At first glance you can tell it is no longer in pristine condition, which I find great. Compare it to its original condition (see here) before it was shipped and the difference becomes even clearer. Just like us, it has gone through a journey in its life and is showing a bit of wear and tear. But this only adds to the story and makes these pieces even more interesting.

Finally it was time to take apart our giant box and divide it into its 4 separate pieces.

Lets take a look at some of the visible damage.

We've got little punctures around and on our images:

There's the classic corner dents:

Even some rare conveyor belt markings:

Of course theres plenty of tape that was added by customs after they opened the package and even a stab wound when they cut open one of the back sides to check for illegal contraband:

Theres all kinds of little dents, bruises and scratches, but overall everything looks great.

Its the perfect amount of wear and tear to remind you of their journey.

Pictured below is an example from 2020 of what can happen in a worst case scenario. (I'm happy to report that the framed original inside miraculously survived). Compared to this, our pieces had a smooth ride.

These are the final 4 pieces, ready to be hung and enjoyed for generations:


Vienna -> Tokyo -> Osaka = min 10.000km

After arriving in Tokyo, our 2nd package was sent further to Osaka. I'm happy to report that it reached its final destination and made it to the art exhibition just in time! Here it was displayed and the story shared.

Rio from Gallery Kawamatsu reported that the project was a big success, drawing lots of attention at the exhibition. Somebody might have even said it was the greatest piece of art they'd ever seen! I dont know, I wasnt there, but it very well could have been said.