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Canvas Panel TABBY Cat vs BANKSY Radar Rat, Love is in the air

Canvas Panel Originals Release

TABBY Cat vs BANKSY Radar Rat, Love is in the air

Dec 2-3, 2022 2 piece release

"TABBY Cat vs BANKSY Radar Rat", "Love is in the air"

Available at for 36 hours

100% original Spray paint & Stencil on 40x50cm canvas panel

Hand signed, stencil signed, numbered and dollar serial number registered/authenticated

TABBY vs BANKSY, Blue and Grey edition 20 each

Love is in the air, Blue and Grey edition 20 each

Canvas panels have finely woven canvas affixed to a wood background. This is an optimal medium for stencils, since its flat surface allows for maximum detail when spraying. When framed it looks and feels like a perfectly painted canvas.

Each piece is a carefully hand made, original spray paint/ stencil

Bonus Framing Tips

Many of you enjoy getting a custom made frame and of course youll always end up with exactly what youre looking for.

However, if youd like a budget friendly and quick option, then an off the shelf 40x50cm frame works perfectly and I use them all the time.

Especially if youre outside of Europe, you might not know exactly where you can get a fitting frame. Well, thanks to a little Swedish store called IKEA, the "RIBBA" 40x50cm frame is available in (basically) every country. Plus theyre like 13€ (£8, 13$, 1,499¥).

Here is a direct link to the RIBBA frame for Europe, the UK, USAand Japan.

Take the easy route and simply order one now!

If youre in the US, then this size is often referred to as a 16x20 inch frame.

You can even search Amazon (click here) and find a whole selection.

If you wish to have your piece arrive ready to hang, then there is the option to have a frame included.

This is a black frame I have selected and includes a TABBY stencil signature on the side.

(See example above)


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