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(Piece above shown framed)

June 10-11

Original Stencil

"Blooming Friendship"

June 10-11

Available at

50x70cm spray paint/stencil

Himalayan hand made Daphne & Hemp fiber blend paper 150g/m2 

Hand signed, Stamped, numbered and COA

Edition of 20

(Limit 1 per person. If 2 are wanted then please get in contact first)

80% of the edition will be available during this release.

UPDATE: Original plan was to include 80% of the edition for this release. These have sold out, however the remaining pieces have been added.

UPDATE 2: All Himalayan (and canvas pieces) have sold out.

Thanks to everyone who took part. Please be sure to double check your shipping address, all pieces will be shipped in the next 2 days!



These pieces fit into any standard 50x70 cm frame and look great with or without a beveled mat insert.

For those who'd like to feature the rough edges typical for hand made paper, then a float mount works very well.


Want a super easy option? Even IKEA offers frames starting at 15€ (Europe, UK, USA links)


(Frame with beveled mat insert)

Canvas Upgrade


Need a little more? A 60x60cm canvas (Classic Grey edition of 2) is also available (900€).


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Virtual tour of the 2023 TABBY Vienna Exhibition

The pieces below are part of previous releases and no longer available.

To find out if any originals are currently available please get in contact through email.