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TABBY is an Austrian street artist who loves to love and hates to hate.

Why do you do what you do: Life gets boring, everything becomes routine, nothing ever suddenly changes for the better. But if theres suddenly something new on a wall youve walked by for years, then it might just brighten up your day.

Images are created, spray paint and stencils are the tools used to make them. More and more youll find some experimenting with anything I get my hands on.

Every image has a meaning behind it, what it is is up to you. Maybe you will discover a better meaning than what was originally intended, I wont stand in the way of that.


The goal isnt to destroy but to add something interesting, unusual or thought provoking in an unexpected location. Its something you might be happy to find on a random walk one day and that wasnt there the day before.


Do you consider what you do as graffiti, street art, vandalism…?: Whatever I would label it, there would be a group of people arguing why its wrong and maybe they are right. Look at it yourself and decide.

​Your stuff seems similar to Banksy: Im not like Banksy at all, I dont have that lovely British accent.


Are you the next big thing: Yes, and the next big thing after that


I have a wall you could paint: Email me, lets find out what happens


Can I help?: Sharing an image makes all the difference



die presse tabby wir sprayer von wien
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