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There are several different markings and during a release you will be informed which ones are included. This will range from including one, to all described below.

Dollar bill serial number registered and authenticated
TABBY originals are usually marked as “dollar bill serial number registered and authenticated”. This means that there is a US dollar bill attached to the back side of the piece, with a unique serial number printed on it. When an original leaves the studio, the back side, including the dollar bill, is photographed and registered within an archive. Because of this, every piece has a unique serial number that can be traced and guarantees its authenticity. To forge the art, you would now also need to forge the US dollar bill.

“Stencil signed”: The piece has the “TABBY” name added via stencil and spray paint. In most cases on the front or side (canvas).

“Hand signed”: There is a hand signature added. Generally on the back side.

“Numbered”: If the piece is part of an edition, then its number is included. E.g 1/100. For prints this is usually on the front, for everything else on the back side.

“Dated”: In general, a piece will have the year written on the back (’18 or 2018). If a piece has “Dated” within the description, then the month or exact day will be added as well.

Below is a canvas that has been hand signed, numbered, dollar bill serial number registered and authenticated

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