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Week of treasure completed – results

Thats 7 out of 7. Several hunts were completed within 20 minutes, the longest was 3 hours for somebody to reach the password floating in the pond (impressed you managed to find a way) and surprisingly the museum challenge was solved within 40 minutes. That was without even knowing for sure which museum it was and having the balls to take a picture off the wall and out the door.

I hope all of you had fun, those who managed to find a treasure receive the bragging rights and for those who havnt yet, you will get your chance in the future. If you took part, feel free to send an email, let me know how your experience was and what was good and what might need improving. If you have pictures of the hunt or your prize hanging in its new home, those are very interesting as well. Ill try to reply personally to everyone.

Always keep your eyes open for something new and interesting, if you dont find it then create your own. Take care,



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