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Vienna hidden treasure 1

A trial run of the first TABBY treasure hunt is about to begin in Vienna Austria. In a few days, original paintings will be hidden within the city and the map and starting point posted here. The first to reach the end will get to keep what they find. So get outside, get to know the city and get the treasure, there are no losers.

Update: The first two hunts have been completed. There will be more in the future so check the site to see when the next hunt will begin.

Update: Spots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 have been found

Added : First to visit all 5 locations and send photos of the tiles to will get a small prize in the mail. Everybody else to send in pictures of all locations (this can be done in the future as well) will have their names added and immortalized here.

First to collect all 5 stations:

1. Dosenpfand

2. Martin H.


Todays trial hunt is less about following clues than it is about getting outside and finding certain locations first. Besides the approximate location below, you will find a tile in the area marking that you are vey close. There are 5 spots, each with a stencil signed print to be found.

If you find one of these treasures first, there will be a message added which explains how you can mark it as found. This is what you are looking for and how it is packaged:

Dont rely on exact coordinates, they should be seen as pointing to the general area. Copy paste them into google to get your own map.


1. FOUND! Coordinates approximately: 48.213550, 16.374921 Map:


Search for boxes and the tile down by the canal where the ubahn drives by, it is very close

2. FOUND! Coordinates: 48.210996, 16.402841



At the pond you will find picknick tables and the TABBY tile. Follow the fence up the hill for about 20m to the tree stump and search there.

3. FOUND! Coordinates: 48.204077, 16.380379



On the pathway under the bridge there are benches. The 4th one is what you are looking for.

4. FOUND! Coordinates: 48.193966, 16.354685



There is a little building in the green with an even smaller sand box house. Check that box.

5. FOUND! Location: Mariahilfer Strasse


Find this bench

If you dont make it there first, youre still one of the first to make it there. Congrats to you, mabye you can find the other tiles as well.


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