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Treasure Hunt 2014 – Completed

13.12.14 – COMPLETED

The Game:

-There are 4 tiles to find, each tile has a password written on it. With this password you can unlock the next location, write them with capital letters and no space in between. (It might be a good idea to write down the password or take a picture).

-Reach the end and claim what youve been looking for.

-This game is intended for you to be able to reach the end. If you do get stuck and need help (silly you), this is the emergency number to contact via SMS: -removed-

–> Summary: Find tiles, use password written on them to unlock the next location

Your journey starts here, make your way towards the city center to the marked location. Walk up the stairs and look to the right to locate the tile. Once found, enter the password below to get the next location.

Location 2

At the park there is an Altkleidersammelbox. Find it, inspect it, enter the password in the link below to continue to the next spot.

Location 3

Youre getting close. Go down to the canal, right before you go under the bridge there is a container. Inspect the right side.

Location 4

This is your last tile, it will reveal your final destination. Follow along the canal, enjoy the colors and at the location you will find stairs leading to the water. Inspect the stairs, find the password, complete the journey.


This is what youve been looking for. There was too much treasure to leave lying around this time, so it is being protected and waiting for you at Große Schiffgasse 5. Get there, go inside and let them know you are there to claim your treasure. They are expecting you.


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