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TABBY Originals Release

Spraytrix (Canvas Panel), Plastic Fantastic (Plexiglass)

Nov 30-Dec 1, 2021

Double release

"Matrix (Spraytrix)", "Plastic Fantastic"

Available at for 36 hours

100% original Spray paint & Stencil

Stencil signed, numbered and dollar serial number registered/authenticated

Matrix (Spraytrix) on Canvas Panel

Red and Grey edition 20 each

Plastic Fantastic on Plexiglass edition of 40

Plastic Fantastic Framed

25€ worldwide shipping

(Express shipping for USA available at checkout 60€)

​Update: These pieces are no longer available.

Matrix (Spraytrix) pieces are hand painted, spray paint/stencil originals on canvas panel. Each has a different paint splatter, making every piece unique. Canvas panels have finely woven canvas affixed to a wood background. This is an optimal medium for stencils, since its flat surface allows for maximum detail when spraying. When framed it looks and feels like a perfectly painted canvas. These pieces fit into any standard 40x50cm frame.

Plastic Fantastic originals are hand painted onto clear plexiglass with spray paint/ stencils. All pieces come with 3 different color plastic bags, which are used as backgrounds when framing to achieve a very unique look. While blue and yellow (as shown above) is one option, the 3 different colors allow for 6 different combinations. You can choose your own favorite, or even change backgrounds from time to time. Plastic bag backgrounds are made from 100% recycled plastic. Like the canvas panels, these plexiglass pieces fit into any standard 40x50cm frame.

Each piece from the plexiglass and canvas panel edition is a carefully hand made, original spray paint/ stencil

A step up from standard Certificate Of Authenticity (COA)

TABBY originals have some of the highest safety features, guaranteeing easy and accurate authenticity. Each piece includes a genuine US dollar bill with unique serial number. These have all been photographed and catalogued in the official TABBY archive, making them one of the best collectibles in the art world. Canvas Panels have all COA details attached to the back side. Plexiglass pieces have an external COA.

Plastic Fantastic is available as a "Standard Unframed" and a "Framed" option. The Standard Unframed option comes with the Plexiglass art, 3x different color plastic bag backgrounds and Certificate of Authentication (COA). These plexiglass pieces fit into any standard 40x50cm frame The Framed option includes the artwork already framed (surprise surprise) with a white TABBY stencil on the bottom right corner of the frame. Shipping will also be upgraded to premium shipping.


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