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Super Mario Flower Tower

Original Stencil/ Photography hybrid

March 24-25, 2022 Photograffiti

"Super Mario Flower Tower"

Available at for 30 hours

4 Layer Spray paint & Stencil Painted on 50x70cm Photograph, 270g/m2 paper

Hand signed, Stencil Signed and Numbered

-Blue and Grey edition of 75 each

-10x Random Special Colors edition of 5 each

Color distribution of Special edition pieces will be given out at random. We all need a bit of mystery in our life, enjoy finding out your variant when the package arrives.​

Framing Tip: For anybody looking for a simple solution, these pieces fit into any standard 50x70cm (19 ¾x27 ½ inch) frame. One example would even be a RIBBA frame from IKEA.

​Update: These pieces are no longer available.

This release is based off a play on perspective from 2014.

FLAK towers (anti aircraft gun) are giant concrete structures left over from WW2. They are so massive that it is almost impossible to remove them and can still be found in cities across Europe today.

The photograph was taken in 2015 by TABBY ca Feb-March.

This is the Flak Turm located in the Augarten Park, Vienna Austria.

The Special Editions feature 10 different sky color variants.

The color your receive will be given out at random, leaving extra room for fun and excitement as you wait for your delivery

Each piece is a TABBY original. Every Mario Flower is added by hand with spray paint/stencil.


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