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One week of treasure, days 1-5

Status: FOUND

Today you are looking to find the location shown in the image below. It is somewhere within the green area of the map. It is not specifically hard to find, meaning if you walk next to it you will see it. Every now and then a new map will be updated with a smaller area until it is found. So go outside for a nice walk, first to find the area gets the prize.

This is the location you are trying to find. The treasure lies behind the box and the wall.


MAP2: Smaller area where location can be found.

MAP1: General area where you will find the location

Todays treasure:

20:00 Status: FOUND

Because I enjoyed it so much, heres the finders reply on how he got to the floating jar: “..war mit Macgyver haften kombinationen aus schals und lokal auffindbaren stecken plus wadeltief ins wasser gehen einsatz zu schaffen..”

19:00 UPDATE: Those who came and saw, as early as 5 minutes after starting, were not yet able to retrieve what was floating in the pond. It will stay, floating around, until one day maybe a homeless person happens to find a small red jar drifting ashore. Confused he follows the instructions inside and claims the piece of art. But by then, it will have been 10 years, TABBY has long since died in a spectacular paint can explosion and the canvas is worth a small fortune. The man places the canvas in his shopping cart, along with all his other posessions and later trades it for a bottle of schnaps. Hes never heard of TABBY and was happy somebody wanted to trade it with him.

In the stadtpark there is a pond and in this pond you will find a small red floating jar. In this jar is the password to access the link below which will give you the exact location of the treasure hidden nearby. Make sure you type in password exactly as written (small, large letters). Phone with access to internet is recommended but once you have the password you are the only one who holds the key to the location so there is no big hurry (unless a passerby happens to find it by luck).

Come with rope, large branch, a towel or some other sort of plan. Whoever gets the jar out of the water first claims the treasure.

PASSWORD PROTECTED TREASURE LOCATION (password removed after hunt)

Todays prize is “graffiti bomber” on canvas