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Moniker Art Fair, London

October 4-7th 2018

TABBY, together with legendary Ben Eine and Ame 72, will be showcased at Moniker Art Fair in London from October 4-7. Fresh from Japan and the USA, London will be the next stop for what will be some of the best original pieces released so far. Featuring both a 50x50cm and 40x40cm aged wood collection with varying styles, it will be worth the trip for both observers and collectors.

Update 3: Not only will there be a Ben Eine x TABBY weathered concrete collab piece, Ben Eine is set to personally appear at the Moniker Art Fair to complete the painting. Planned is a combination of TABBY’s weathered concrete panels with Ben Eine’s colorful signature calligraphy tags. The result will be a true outdoor street piece experience, brought to the indoors. Half the excitement of a piece is seeing the stencils, the layers come together and the master at his craft, so this will be a very special treat. Painting is set to go down on day 1, October 4th.

Update 1: For the first time ever, TABBY will be making an appearance during the fair in London. Breaking years of silence, never before has anybody ever had the chance of getting close. Sporting one or several disguises, you will have the chance to come by and (still to be announced) receive a very special personal token to remember the day. Times and schedules when the meet and greets are available will be listed here on the site.

Update 2: Google “bad portraits 1 cent” and you will find this stand. Never before revealed is that this is some of the earliest TABBY street work dating back ca 2011. Before the first TABBY Street art pieces came this art made on the streets. The goal was to offer something different and fun, there were lots of very good portrait painters on the street but nobody offered or promised to make you a bad one. Since the goal wasn’t money, only 1 cent was requested (because it seemed funnier than offering it for free). Hundreds of portraits were painted over several years, going out a couple times a month with a sign and some chairs. Original TABBY 1 cent bad portraits will be offered during the London Moniker Art Fair, come by and don’t miss out on getting yours. Times and schedules TBA.

First glimpse at sone of the 50x50cm and 40x40cm aged wood originals. More details at and soon to be announced.


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