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Lying King Print

Official release March 14-16, 2019

“The Lying King” 12 PM Eastern time / 5 PM GMT through Screen Print on 40x50cm Cougar Smooth 270/m2 paper Gold/Silver editions on Curious Metallics 300/m2 paper Hand signed, dated and numbered Main/Orange edition of 120 (100€ +20€ worldwide shipping) Shimmering Silver edition of 30 (130€ +20€ worldwide shipping) Shimmering Gold edition of 25 (150€ +20€ worldwide shipping) Bundle 1 Main and 1 Silver (195€ + 20€ worldwide shipping) Bundle 1 Main and 1 Gold (220€ + 20€ worldwide shipping) Limit total of 2 variants per person, shipping only charged once (orders exceeding 2 prints will be refunded) (If shipping is charged twice on multiple orders then it will be refunded after purchase)

This piece is no longer available.

Shepard Fairey was excited to get his hands on a Lying King and gives it “two thumbs up”.


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