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“Heart Attack” Print

Release October 26, 2017

“Heart Attack” (Kill them with Kindness) 12 PM Eastern time / 5 PM GMT through Screen Print on ca. 40x50cm Pure White 275g/m2 paper Hand pulled prints Stencil signed and numbered Grey edition of 40 (100€ +20€ worldwide shipping) Blue edition of 35 (120€ +20€ worldwide shipping) Random 25 unique color variants, spray paint background, editions of 1 (150€ +20€ worldwide shipping) Combination 1 Blue and 1 unique color variant (210€ +20€ worldwide shipping) Limit total of 2 variants per person, shipping only charged once (orders exceeding 2 prints will be refunded) Color distribution of unique 25 variant edition is given out at random, we all need a bit of chance in our life

Update: This piece is no longer available Huge thanks to everybody! Details on shipping from Thursdays orders will be sent out on Monday

Orders have been shipped

For those who have a friend wanting to start up their art collection, or if you need a gift anytime in the future, there is a bundle of 2 prints (1 Blue and 1 of 25 unique color variants) for 210€ +20€ available until October 28.

Besides Blue and Grey, the Heart Attack edition includes 25 unique color background variants. These backgrounds are applied through spray paint, each one with a different hue so no two are alike, red heart is also spray paint applied. Perhaps the most unique of them all is the one print with a shimmering Silver background. The color you receive will be given out at random, everybody needs some mystery in their lives. (For those who NEED to choose which color they get, an additional 150€ fee will be added. The silver background can not be chosen)

Special shimmering silver unique below:

All prints are hand pulled in a new local screen printing studio.


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