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City Thoughts - Dive into the mind

Whats on your mind today? With these new thought bubbles spread around the city, we can finally reveal some of the mystery.

These can be interacted with in 3 different ways. Glued above benches at bus stops to pair with whoever is sitting below. When they are placed on glass, they can also interact with people walking behind it. Finally, the ones wheat pasted on walls work with everyone walking by in front of it.

A bit of glue goes a long way

All pieces are a mixture of hand drawings and stencil on paper

Coming soon to a city near you...

While the TABBY originals above are all hand drawn, you can download, print and cutout your own pieces from below. Simply click on a piece to make it bigger, then right click and select "save image as..." to save it.

If youd like to add your own touch of creativity, there is also an empty thought bubble with space to draw something new.

Add it to your own indoor wall or find a spot outdoors. Spray glue, regular glue, wheat paste or even simple tape will work.

Be sure to send me a picture of your work and collect some of that sweet TABBY praise.


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