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Canvas Panel Originals Release

December 1-2, 2020 2 piece release "Sound of Uzis", "Working Chimp - No Idea" Available at for 36 hours Spray paint & Stencil on 40x50cm canvas panel Hand signed, stencil signed, numbered and dollar serial number registered/authenticated Sound of Uzis, Blue and Grey edition 20 each - 265€ (300€) +25€ worldwide shipping Working Chimp, Blue and Grey edition 20 each - 265€ (300€) +25€ worldwide shipping Bundle price: 250€ each when selecting 2 pieces Shipping only charged once (Limit 1 each per person. If 2 are wanted then please get in contact first) 50% of these editions will be available during this release BONUS For the first 36 hours, these pieces will be reduced to 265€ instead of 300€.

Canvas panels have finely woven canvas affixed to a wood background. This is an optimal surface for stencils, since its flat surface allows for maximum detail when spraying. Once framed it looks and feels like a perfectly painted canvas.

Each piece is a carefully hand made, original spray paint/ stencil

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