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Treasure Hunt Two

This hunt has ended

Saturday 19.04.14

This easter inspired hunt is less about being first, than it is about finding as many tiles as possible. The target area is both halves of the Sigmund-Freud-Park, where between 30-50 tiles have been placed. The streets mark the border, anything inside of them is fair game.

The tiles you are looking for are diamond shaped and look like the one below. Some of them are easier and some of them are rather difficult to find. To add one to your collection, simply take a photo of it.

Besides running around like a kid and doing something outside for half an hour, there is a goal to this. After you have had enough, send an email with how many you found to You are welcome to add your photos, but they are not needed quite yet. There are 3 original paintings given out for this hunt and the person with the most found tiles will be guaranteed to get a framed piece. 2 more unframed pieces will be given, by chance, to some of the other hunters of the day. (These people will be contacted and asked to show their pictures as proof)

As tempting as it might be, these tiles need to survive this one day. As a side bonus for early hunters, additional tiles have been added that you are allowed to remove and take home. These tiles are different in 2 ways: 1-They have “TABBY” written on them and 2-They are rectangular. They have been mounted with very little glue and should be removable. To give everybody some fun, if you happen to find one, just take one of these per person and leave the rest for others. If youre in a group of 2 people, you are welcome to take 2 etc. If you take more than one or remove any of the other diamond tiles, you will not be able to win one of the 3 original pieces. (tiles with the word “TABBY” on it do not count towards your score. Only the diamond shaped ones count)

All players will have until 10PM (22 Uhr) to submit their findings via email. Winners will later be notified and given exact locations where they can find their reward (they should be safe there for a few days if you can not pick it up right away). So get out, have fun and with some luck take home an original TABBY piece.

Some additional details and tips:

-You do not need to dig or look into tiny little cracks

-The tiles with “TABBY” written on them are rather easy to find

-If you go in a group, you may not submit your final score several times (as in once for each person in the group). You do have the advantage though, of having more chances of finding tiles with more people + more fun.

-Some tiles are simple, some are difficult to find. You might have to get on your knees once or twice to get a different view.

-Church walls and construction material do not need to be investigated. Fences should be looked at.


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