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Huge Vienna Treasure Hunt

Update: All Saturday and Sunday Treasure Hunters have completed their journey

Results: Over 20 people were curious enough to join in and go out hunting for treasure. Each was rewarded with their own canvas, a combined street value of 50$ million (at least). Armed with their own digital treasure maps, consisting of gps location, maps, pictures and further instructions, everybody made their way outdoors and at least for a while had a little adventure to complete.

Why are these hunts done? Because I can and its fun to do fun things.

Sent in pictures from hunters on their hunt:

Treasure to find: Miniature canvas

An example of what information a hunter received can be seen below:


Get to the location on the map within the park and find the area shown in the bottom pictures. Go the the bamboo forrest and walk inside on the iron bridge (there are 2, find the right one). At the end on the marked area you will find what you are looking for underneath the leaves.

Note that the park closes at 6 PM

It is protected by a heat sealed bag, open it and inside on the back you will find a code. To mark this treasure as found, please send an sms with this code right away to the included phone number. Have fun and enjoy the hunt!

(if you have made it to the location but not found your treasure get in contact via email for help)

GPS: 48°11’27.3″N 16°22’59.5″E


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