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Canvas Panel Release

Parasite To Society, Flamingo - Rise Above, Stop The Violence

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July 2-4, 2020


3 piece release

"Parasite to Society", "Flamingo - Rise Above", "Stop the Violins

Available at for 48 hours

Spray paint & Stencil on 40x50cm canvas panel

Hand signed, stencil signed, numbered and dollar serial number registered/authenticated

Parasite to Society, edition 30 - 300€ +25€ worldwide shipping

Flamingo - Rise Above, edition 30 - 300€ +25€ worldwide shipping

Stop the Violins, Blue and Grey edition 20 each - 300€ +25€ worldwide shipping

Bundle price: 250€ each when selecting 2 or all 3 pieces

Shipping only charged once.

(Limit 1 each per person. If 2 are wanted then please get in contact first)

50% of these editions will be available during this release



For the first 36 hours, these pieces will be reduced to 265€ instead of 300€.

If you purchase one piece and later decide to add another, you will also get the bundle price. Simply purchase the 2nd piece and the price difference will be refunded. Writing a quick email can help make sure your refund is sent asap.

For any questions feel free to get in contact at


Update: 50% of the editions had been made available for this release and some of the pieces have begun to sell out. Additional pieces will be made ready and added to the store. If you are having any issues adding an item to your cart, please send an email.

Update 2: Release has ended. This has been a huge success and thanks to everyone for being a part of it. Orders are being processed and will be shipped early next week. You will receive info on shipping once they are out.

Canvas panels have finely woven canvas affixed to a wood background. This is an optimal surface for stencils, since its flat surface allows for maximum detail when spraying. Once framed it looks and feels like a perfectly painted canvas.

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